Plant health improvement, immunization and yield management program
for Tomato in Greenhouse
Tasks to be solved
Plants health
Powerful fungal, bacterio- and virusstatic action of the plant’s immune response without highly toxic pesticides.
Providing nutrition for
productive growth and
development. Maximum
absorption of nutrients by plants.
Increase yields and output of marketable fruits
Growth stimulation
Active growth of annual
shoots and formation of
buds (including flower
buds) for the next year
Vegetative overdraft
Increasing the productive
vegetation period to 5-10 days
Safe use during
blossoming and fruiting
without residual contents in fruits
Improved quality,
marketability and
flavor of fruits
Increasing preservation of
fruits during storage and
Program recommendations
It is recommended to start using SCS-Tech® products before the appearance of external signs of the disease or as soon as the first lesions are detected. Spraying of tomatoes in greenhouses should be carried out from the stage of 3-5 true leaves (BBCH 13-15) to the stage when 70% of fruits acquire the colour typical for growing in a greenhouse (BBCH 87). SCS-Tech® products are as flexible as possible with regard to the application rate of working solution. It is only necessary to clearly observe the specified product concentration in the working solution. Spraying should be done until the leaf surface of the plants is completely madefaction.
BBCH 10-19 Leaf development
BBCH 10-19 Leaf development
T1: Nutrition, immunization, plants health control
Silver Mix®
(0.5% in working solution)
(15 ml/100 l of water)

or other organosilicon super wetting agent
BBCH 21-29 (51) Formation of side shoots
T2: Nutrition, immunization, plants health control
Silver Mix®
(0.5% in working solution)
(15 ml/100 l of water)
BBCH 51-59 Inflorescence emergence
T3: Nutrition, growth stimulation, increased number of inflorescences
Silver Phos®

(0.5% in working solution)
BBCH 51-59 Inflorescence emergence
T4: Nutrition, increasing resistance to diseases, increased number of sets
Silver Mix®
(0.5% in working solution)

(15 ml/100 l of water)
Treatment during flowering is safe for bees and other entomophage insects.
BBCH 71-79 Development of fruit
T5: Nutrition, fruit formation, improvement of their biochemical structure, quality and flavor
Silver Phos®
(0.5% in working solution)
BBCH 81-89 Ripening of fruit and seed
T6-Tn: Nutrition, increasing resistance to diseases, stimulation of fruit set, increase in fruit preservation
Silver Mix®
(1% in working solution)

(15 ml/100 l of water)
It is recommended to repeat the treatment at intervals of 10 days.
Short waiting period, allows treatment 3-5 days before harvest without residual content in the fruit
In case of increased infectious load, epiphytotics, it is possible to increase dosage of Silver Mix® to 1% solution and/or increasing the frequency of treatments, up to 3 days, without ecotoxicological manifestations.

The use of organo-silicone superwetting agent according to the specified scheme is obligatory and provides:

  • maximizing the full disclosure of all product properties;
  • uniform distribution of the solution over the surface of plants with pubescence and waxy coating, minimizing its loss during spraying.

Adjust the amount of water according to the height of the plants:

  • 60 l/1000 m² for tomatoes up to 50 cm high.
  • 90 l/1000 m2 for tomatoes from 50 to 125 cm high.
  • 120 l/1000 m² for tomatoes over 125 cm high.
Application results
Ascorbic acid
Quantity of brushes
Quantity of fruits
Fruit weight
Immunity induction results
The maximum indicators of internal protection against pathogens are achieved at the beginning of the use of the SCS-Tech® plants health improvement, immunization and yield management program before the first signs of plant infection and careful observance of the terms and parameters of treatments throughout the growing season of tomatoes.
- The maximum indicators recorded during scientific, industrial tests and practical use of SCS-Tech® products are indicated.
Based on data on industrial use of products
Technology of preparation of the working solution
Integration and Compatibility
As part of minimizing the use of highly toxic pesticides, it is recommended to integrate additional drugs into the program only in extreme plant development conditions, for example, with an increased infectious load, epiphytotics, critically depleted soil, etc.

Integrated preparations (fertilizers and fungicides) can be used in the minimum dosages recommended by the manufacturer according to the regulations. This will minimize the negative impact of pesticides on plants, the environment and human health, without compromising the effectiveness of the protection program.
Please note that the products included in the SCS-Tech® protection and nutrition programs are compatible with most plant protection products and agrochemicals except:
• biological products with live bacteria;

• preparations containing sulfur in active form (colloidal sulfur, sulfur-lime decoction);

• calcium nitrate;

• inkstone;

• copper sulfate;

• manganese sulfate;

• zinc sulfate;

• bordeaux mixture;

• elemental iodine;

• thiram;
• all polysulfidesWhen integrating these products into SCS-Tech® programs, they should be used in a separate tank mix, alternating with Silver Mix® and Silver Phos® treatments.
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