For the purpose of development, production and sale of innovative products of Stabilized Colloidal Systems Technology (SCS-Tech®) our international structure cooperates and unites scientific organisation, manufacturers and industrial partners from among the leaders of the plant protection product market in the Europe, Southeast and Central Asia, Latin America and CIS countries.
Large-scale research work in cooperation with leading international scientific organisation
Research institutes
and laboratories
Industrial partners
Distributors, manufacturers, field trials partners
for SCS-Tech® products
Send a request for product distribution
The company offers flexible cooperation options convenient for each partner:
Regular expert consultations
Collaboration of experts, training of managers, work with the end user
Joint work of marketing and advertising departments
Marketing events planning, branded promotional materials adjusted to the regional market
Opportunity to arrange its own packaging of our products in the importing country
Cooperation in registration process in the territory of the importing country when necessary
When choosing partners the company focuses on the following:
The dealer is a professional company engaged in the country's agricultural market (sales of pesticides, seeds, fertilizers)
The dealer can import products, is experienced in interaction with customs and certification authorities of the importing country
The dealer has got in-house specialists in the promotion of products (consultants in agronomy, market experts) and is ready to work in collaboration with specialists of our company
The dealer has got a storage
infrastructure and an established logistics system
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