SCS-Tech® is the world's first efficient and highly profitable industrial technology for the production and application of complex eco-friendly products for nutrition, managing plant health, the yield and quality of agricultural products.
Problems of existing agrotechnologies
Emergence of resistance
The emergence of resistance in pathogens of plant diseases to most active ingredients
Deficiency of effective
Formation of deficit of effective crop protection products on the market due to withdrawal of a number of products.
Decrease in efficiency of traditional pesticides and systematic increase in applied pesticide dosages.
Hazards of highly toxic
Critical damage to the environment and human health due to the use of highly toxic pesticides
Patented SCS-Tech® product technology
The uniqueness of the technology consists in the method of production and use of specially selected complexes of active, stabilizing substances that allow to maximize the potential of colloidal silver, polymers and macro-microelements and control their properties depending on the tasks solved by a particular product.
System of development and production of new classes of products:
Established synthesis and formulation processes
Water preparation
Selection of concentrations of the main active ingredients and addition of various combinations of macro- and micronutrients
Use of various complex
combinations of polymers
and stabilizing ingredients
Water preparation using
The current version 4 of the formulation and technological regulations allows to fully realize the full potential of the technology for widespread effective industrial application of SCS-Tech®
The uniqueness of SCS.plant technology is in its effective 5-in-1 complex action:
Plant nutrition
Maintaining the necessary level of macro- and micronutrient balance in the plant organism throughout the entire vegetation period. Providing advanced transport of nutrients to target organelles
Complex industrial application system of SCS-Tech®
Growth stimulation and managing of crop yields
Increase in root length and thickness, development of secondary root system, intensive development of leaves, activation of branching and tillering processes, yield increase
SCS-Tech® products do not cause resistance and act as an antiresistance component when used in a crop protection scheme with other products
Induction of nonspecific immunity
The complex of active components has a powerful elicitor effect, promoting hyperactivation of non-specific plant immunity and powerful internal response, due to which the plant can counteract phytopathogens and viruses of various etiologies, often resistant to toxical chemical pesticides
Product quality and presentation management
Improved quality of products (increase in grain nutrition, gluten and GDM content, oil, sugars, etc.), increase in shelf life, absence of residual pesticides
SCS-Tech® technology provides high efficiency by using lower product dosages, which makes the process of plant protection and nutrition more economical. In addition, it results in reduced pesticide load on plants and soil, as well as minimized environmental impact.
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Present-day fertilizers based on colloidal systems of metals
Research Article by Dr. Wojciech Antoni Kłak
Mechanism of Action
Acceleration of intracellular defense response to phytopathogens
Activation of a powerful immune response in plants
General mobilization of the plant's immune system for disease resistance
Long-term maintenance of active plant immunity without inhibition of natural biological processes
Activation of the internal protective potential in plants = effect is like after application of fungicides
Disruption in the operation of membrane proteins in a pathogenic cell
Increase in the intensity of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
formation in plant tissues
Death of a pathogen cell
Inhibition of pathogen development and strengthening of the immune system
Silver particles can fix and hold on the cell walls of phytopathogenic microorganisms. The silver particles are oxidized and release silver ions, which disrupt the normal operation of membrane proteins, especially transport proteins, that leads to death of pathogen cells. The gradual oxidation of silver particles provides prolonged action of the SCS-Tech® products
Colloidal silver has elicitor properties, which are typical of immunizing fungicides. It improves the metabolism and enhances the concentration of reactive oxygen species in plant tissues. Reactive oxygen species are one of the main factors of plant innate immunity. ROS reduce the chance of infection and inhibit the development of pathogens
Most pathogenic microorganisms are not able to resist such complex effect of colloidal silver.
SCS-tech® protects plants from many bacterial and fungal diseases.
Active stimulation of plant growth and development
Accelerated appearance of even stands (shoots, buds, etc.)
Increased vegetative mass and photosynthetic activity
Development of a strong root system, including nodules of leguminous plants
Yield increase up to 35% depending on the crop and growing conditions. Better quality and taste of the harvest (increased grain unit, gluten content, GDI, protein, sugar, oil, etc.).
Increase in production of auxin, a growth hormone
Increase in production of auxin, a growth hormone
Stimulation of strong root system development and plant growth. Improvement in plant absorption of moisture and nutrients
Prevention of premature aging of plants
Increase in content of chlorophyll, carotene, amino acids and vitamins
Increase in the resistance to frost, drought and other stress factors.
Colloidal silver increases the concentration of endogenous auxin, a growth hormone, in plant tissues by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the oxidation of auxin. This effect leads to formation of strong root system and increase in plant growth and development
Colloidal silver reduces plant sensitivity to ethylene, a hormone of aging, by inhibiting the ethylene receptor, thus preventing premature aging of the plants and improves productivity.
The effect of silver on the plant enzyme system, balance of plant hormones and phytoimmunity is similar for the most of higher plants, that is why preparation SCS-Tech® is suitable for the cultivation of a wide range of crops
Silver particles are oxidized and release silver ions, which disrupt the normal operation of membrane proteins, especially transport proteins, that leads to death of pathogen cells.
Copper ions are replaced with silver ions in the receptor of ethylene in higher plants and thereby silver ions inhibit the action of the mentioned phytohormone.
Saturation of the plant body with available nutrients (macro- and microelements in chelated form)
Accelerated appearance of even stands (shoots, buds, etc.)
Increased vegetative mass and photosynthetic activity
Development of a strong root system, including nodules of leguminous plants
EFFECT: High-quality harvest on time.
Improved protein, carbohydrate and nucleic metabolism in plants
Stimulation of efficient fruit filling and ripening of crops