Organo-silicone superwetting agent for joint use with plant protection products and agrochemicals
Polyethoxylated heptamethyltrisiloxane
FolioStick® reduces the surface tension of the applied solution, ensuring the formation of a homogeneous film on the surface of the leaves. This contributes to a better coating of the plant surface with the applied solution, its "sticking" to the surface and further penetration into the plant.

It is especially important to use the chemical when spraying plants with wax, dusty coating and pubescence.
FolioStick® is required to be included in the composition of the tank mixture with chemicals SCS-Tech®!
Provides a complete and uniform coating of the surface of plants and harmful objects with a working solution
Reduces the runoff of the solution from the surface of plants after spraying
Increase the duration of exposure of the components of the working solution to the plant and harmful objects
Reduces the flow rate of the working fluid by 20-50%
Improves the penetration of active substances of chemicals in crop production
Increases resistance to flushing of used chemicals by atmospheric precipitation from the surface of plants;
Increases the effectiveness of herbicidal and insecticidal treatment
It is not recommended to use with copper-containing chemicals.
Hazard class
4 — low-risk substances
Does not possess at the recommended application rates. The phytotoxic effect of the pesticide is possible due to a more complete penetration into the plant compared to a solution without an FolioStick®.
Rules of application:
Crops / application features
Consumption rate FolioStick® per 1 ha
Grain crops
Working fluid consumption with
FolioStick® per 1 ha
Rapeseed, sunflower, sugar beet, legumes
Berry crops
25-100 ml
50-100 l
150-250 l
100-200 l
200-500 l
200-350 l
200-350 l
200-350 l
50-150 l
50-100 l
15-50 l
75-250 ml
50-200 ml
100-500 ml
100-350 ml
100-300 ml
100-350 ml
25-150 ml
25-150 ml
8-75 ml
Fruit crops
Vegitable crops
Foliar feeding
Herbicides of continuous action
Low volume spraying
Plants health and nutrition programs
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