Plants health control, increasing yield and improving

the marketability of berries

Uzbekistan, “Elena” farm

  • Enhancing the resistance of cherry plants to moniliosis, bacterial canker and other diseases
  • Increasing the size and marketability of berries
  • Extending the vegetation period
  • Improving the preservation of berries during transportation and storage (export)
i - The “Application variant” is indicated by the name of the product from the SCS-Tech® line that was used ("Silver Mix", "Silver Phos" etс.). This doesn’t mean that only this product was used in the “Application variant”. If more than one product in the line has been used, the "Application variant" may be designated as "SCS-Tech". Plant protection and nutrition programs that include SCS-Tech® products ("Application variant") can use reduced dosages of fungicides. Complete details (including a full list of products used in a particular Comparison) are available upon request.