plants health control: apple cedar rust (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae)

apple tree
Silver Mix
Standard (fungicide)

USA, North Carolina, Charlotte, the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory (for University of Reading)

Variety: Carolina Gold

4-fold treatment with Silver Mix® 1 l/ha

Without treatment (water spraying)

4-fold treatment by fungicide (pyraclostrobin 12.8% + boscalid 25.2%) 0.9 l/ha

IMPORTANT! A comparison was conducted between a fungicide (Standard) and a fertilizer, which enhances the immune response of plants and increases their resistance to diseases (Silver Mix®). The fertilizer was applied without the typically required organosilicone super-spreader.

Biological efficiency: apple cedar rust (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae)

  • Enhancing apple tree resistance to apple cedar rust on par with the direct fungicidal effect of the Standard (on fruits)
  • Strengthening the plant's immune response against apple cedar rust – achieving up to 78.9% efficacy against leaf severity

Up to 78.9%

plants are more resistant to apple cedar rust (leafs)

Up to 75%

plants are more resistant to apple cedar rust (fruits)

i - The “Application variant” is indicated by the name of the product from the SCS-Tech® line that was used ("Silver Mix", "Silver Phos" etс.). This doesn’t mean that only this product was used in the “Application variant”. If more than one product in the line has been used, the "Application variant" may be designated as "SCS-Tech". Plant protection and nutrition programs that include SCS-Tech® products ("Application variant") can use reduced dosages of fungicides. Complete details (including a full list of products used in a particular Comparison) are available upon request.